Who are we?

Presstige is a small (PR-)agency, therefore, the personal involvement, dedication and motivation of both partners is an asset. Both partners have many years of experience in both agency knowledge, as well as, on company knowledge. Presstige looks for more creative ways for communication solutions that are customized to each individual account. There are no middlemen in between, you’re communicating and interacting with the people responsible for the job. We are professionals, understandable and clear. More about our agency.

What are we doing?

Presstige will make your communication special. We are never shooting with blanks. Your goals are never out of sight. Our thinking is “outside the box”, to give you ultimate results. We always pursue the “one step further” methods. Our proposals are based on ideas rather than budget, although all projects are budgeted up front. See us as bridge builders between your communication messages and your target groups. More about our offerings.

For whom are we doing this?

Presstige accounts are varied; like sanitary, installation techniques, ICT, building- and construction, technology; in short business-to-business and business-to-consumer. More about our references. More about our references.