Presstige is a clear and all round agency. With thorough experience out of different communication duties at company and agency side, makes Presstige an excellent sparring partner with a clear view on business and communication. This boils down into an effective, down-to-earth consult and an efficient and creative result. The consultants are not only thinkers, but also practitioners. Together they form a solid team, where the different expertise are complementary and intensify to each other. The communication lines are short. There where Presstige is working together with other parties she prefers to have the direction and control over the quality of the end result.


Frank D.P.M. Lether, managing partner/senior-consultant/organizer

Is experienced as product marketing manager, public relations officer and director of communications with different (international) IT- and technological companies. Followed different marketing- and PR trainings. Developed himself as a centipede in communications and is an organizer by birth. Made the step to the agency world in 1989 and became associate director of the Dutch subsidiary of GCI/Sterling Public Relations London. In 1994 he became partner at Presstige.

Frank Lether was member of the board of the NGPR, Dutch Public Relations Association (nowadays: Logeion), member of the Board of Directors of the International Press Centre Nieuwspoort in The Hague, secretary of Infopers (ICT-Press club) and vice-chairman of the VPRA, the Dutch Branche organization for PR- and communication consultants. He’s still involved in this organization as board consultant new media.


Presstige is member of the VPRA, the Dutch Branche organization for PR- and communication consultants. This organization guards a code of conduct and terms of delivery of the branche and tries to keep the quality of her members and their work as high as possible.