How do we think?

To get clear to you what you may expect from us, it is good to explain how we think about communications. The word communication is nowadays an unclear dumping place of views and modalities.

Our expertise in the field of communications is a clear, targeted and an effective way of getting your message across to a by forehand formulated target group(s) with the intention to create a reaction.


Clear will say: communications that in word, image, sphere, tone-of-voice and in execution fits the culture of the client and with the information needs and perception of the target group(s). We will put the right arguments in the right context, in such way that the target group(s) are really addressed.


Targeted will say: communication that fits the needs of the account and his corporate goals. Only then an action or routing will contribute to reach the goals set. Up front it must be clear of a message should be commercial, prospective, opinion forming, supportive, motivated, policy forming, image strengthening or image changing. In practice it often is a combinations of these questions.


Effective means: to select the right communication tools to get the right mix to reach the right target groups in the right way, at the right time, in the right atmosphere in the right frequency.


The message is what the target group(s) must know, taste and experience about your organization, vision, product or service to increase knowledge, interest, motivation and preference. The challenge is to mold the message in such way that it fits the target group(s) as optimal as possible.


As clients we see organizations who take their people, market and relations seriously and who see professional communications as an essential part of their company and/or marketing strategy. This kind of organizations is looking for an agency, a partner who really offers added value and understands their business and market.

Target group(s)

Target group(s) are groups of people of which an organization is dependent on for her continuity, growth and (commercial) success.
Some important target group(s) are:

  • employees (present, former and future)
  • customers, relations or consumers (existing or future)
  • press
  • other influencers of existing or future relations
  • dealer- or sales network
  • government and other regulating bodies
  • special interest groups, trade- and branche organisations, unions
  • partners-in-business
  • suppliers
  • neighbors
  • share- stake holders